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Resveratrol 99.5% Pure


99.5% Trans Resveratrol Powder


"A Significant Breakthrough in The Fight
 Against the Effects of Aging" 

ORAC Value: 1,860,000


Live your life to the Fullest


Improve your life and wellbeing with 99.5% Resveratrol Powder.

Resveratrol - Barbara Walters + ABC News

99.5% Pure Trans Resveratrol Powder

The Most POWERFUL Trans Resveratrol Available

Orac Value/Score

31,000 per gram

1,860,000 per package

4 Months Supply

Emodin Free!

Emodin is in most all Resveratrol supplements. Emodin is what causes some people to experience stomach cramping and stomach upset when taking Resveratrol, Therefore Our Resveratrol is Emodin Free.

No Additives ~ No Fillers ~ No Flowing Agents
240 Servings

250mg per serving


Suggested Use: 1/16 teaspoon twice a Day

Don't Be Fooled!

Some are  buying Plain 99% Resveratrol, while thinking it is 99% "Trans" Resveratrol.

99% or above is always a pure White color and has a very mild odor and a very mild taste.

CurEase 99.5% Trans Resveratrol is among the purest and highest percentage Trans-Resveratrol available on the market today.

99.5% Pure Resveratrol Powder
Emodin FREE
No Additives ~ No Fillers ~ No Flowing Agents
240 Servings
250mg per serving
Suggested Use: 1/16 teaspoon twice a Day

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Price: $87.50

Is Resveratrol the "Fountain of Youth”?


Is this substance the key to concocting a Fountain of Youth? Perhaps it’s a coincidence that the term “Resveratrol” is similar to “reversal” – but recent research and opinion does suggest that Resveratrol can help prevent or perhaps even reverse the aging process. Popular reviews have been seen on Oprah, Barbara Walters, ABC, CNN, and 60 Minutes. However, some people have reservations regarding the raves about Resveratrol. While some studies indicate great potential, some critics are not convinced. One thing all can agree on: the matter deserves greater investigation. 


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Resveratrol Doubles Endurance


Resveratrol, the ingredient in red wine that may help us live longer, may also help us run faster longer.

The New York Times reports that when researchers gave resveratrol to laboratory mice, the mice were able to run twice as far as resveratrol-free mice before collapsing from exhaustion. The research, conducted at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology in Illkirch, France, and published in Cell, suggests that resveratrol influenced mice also have energy-charged muscles and a reduced heart rate, just as trained athletes do.


What is an antioxidant?


When the human body converts oxygen into energy, free radicals are formed as natural by-products of this process, the overproduction of which cause damage to the body. Free radicals have an unpaired electron, which they try to find a match for by stealing an electron from something around it. This process, which is known as oxidation, causes harm to cells and literally makes our bodies rust and rot. In addition to the free radicals produced by the body’s metabolism, exposure to various environmental factors such as pollution, smoke and pesticides cause damage to our cells as well. Without proper nutrition, oxidation can contribute to any number of debilitating diseases, including cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants prevent oxidation from happening. They clean up as many free radicals as possible by stabilizing the free radicals before damage occurs by giving up one of their electrons.


What's an ORAC Value or ORAC Score?


ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, 

in general terms,

 it’s a measure of the antioxidant power in a given product or food.


 The USDA recommends an intake of about 5,000 ORAC units a day. Unfortunately, the average person only receives about 20%-25% of this amount.

Adding CurEase Resveratrol will quickly increase your daily ORAC value.